Video conferencing technology makes it possible to meet with someone in another room, another building, or another country as if they were sitting on the other side of the table. Video conferencing and collaboration is becoming a necessary part of everyday business for all type of businesses. Video conferences today treated as universally-accepted ways of business engagement. The Video conferencing Dubai is the conduct of a video conference System by a set of telecommunication technologies which provides 2 or more places to communicate by immediate 2-way video and audio communications. Video conference system Dubai UAE changes from video phone calls in that it is made to serve a meeting sites rather than single person.


Poly Studio, the premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas.
Delivering the best audio quality in its class, it blocks distracting sounds that can
interrupt meetings. Teams on both ends of the call catch every word. With group
framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal. They see
all the important details, too—right down to body language and facial expressions.
Easy to manage? Of course. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software
updates and make settings changes without ever leaving their desk. Poly Studio.
The shortcut to better huddle room collaboration. The Camera in Polycom Studio offers the 120-degree field of view, ensure everyone in the meeting room is captured. The Inbuilt cameras are 4k USD Supported with 2160p, 5X Digital zoom

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Logitech Rally

Logitech Rally Video conference – Dubai Logitech Rally plus Video conference – Dubai Rally comes standard with one speaker and one mic pod for medium and large sized meeting rooms. Your larger spaces with 14 participants or more, Logitech Rally Plus offers two mic pods and two speakers for greater versatility out of the box. Buy Logitech RALLY in Dubai. Rally’s audio components mean that speakers and mic pods can placed wherever they are needed, achieving full audio coverage in your meeting space. Rally supports up to seven mic pods in total. IT helping you create the perfect audio configuration for your space. Rally features proactive technologies, which make better meetings easy and automatic. Auto-frames participants no matter their distance from the lens, prioritizes faces over environment to render natural-looking. The Rally is compatible with most cloud-based, USB-ready video conferencing applications such as Skype, Cisco, Zoom, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, and more. The camera connects to Mac, Windows, or Chrome systems via the included…


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