Structured/Network Cabling Dubai

We offer a comprehensive array of cabling solutions.We have a rich history of providing both voice and data cabling solutions fro enterprises of all sizes. Cable Installation

Network cables are utilizing to interface organize bolstered gadgets and exchange information and data between exchanged, routers,data capacity, ip telephones and other system items. Magtel Systems is a full administration organize cabling supplier with the asset to plan and execute organized cabling in Dubai, UAE. Giving system cabling administration all through a business include link laying, establishment of connector – confront plates , Network cupboards and Testing of cables.Depend on the prerequisite link will be unshielded contorted match (UTP), screened (thwart) unshielded turned combine (F/UTP), protected wound combine (STP), or multi mode or single mode fiber optics.

We offer outstanding structured cabling solutions in dubai. That is the reason we are one of the top network cabling companies in uae .We specialized in design and installation of structured cabling systems with an emphasis on new construction and corporate relocations. Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings in a campus environment.Greens Telecom Dubai can provide you fiber and copper network cabling solution needed to connect data and voice across the Local Area Network. Our structured cabling technicians have extensive knowledge concerning hands-on, large scale corporate installation, construction, Corporate relocation and expansion.

Cable Types and our Structured cabling Installation

The most commonly used types of network cables are twisted pair cable. Twisted pair cable is used for connectivity in many ethernet networks. Fibre optic cabling is used where high bandwidth is needed or the the length of the cable required for connectivity is more that UTP cable can handle. Fibre Cabling is used mostly in Data Center environments where bandwidth is an important fact. Typically Banks , Hospitals, Large Campuses and Airports are examples of where fibre cabling is applicable.

  • Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair Wiring
  • Shielded with Foil Twisted Pair Wiring
  • Fiber Optic Cabling