Pertaining to the growing demand and security concerns, access control has always been vital for every organization. Main objective of the Access Control is to begin with – protect physical, IP and human assets. This requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas. Moreover, the basic question of who, where and when with adequate flexibility and scalability needs to be addressed with door access control system. To meet this requirement, Matrix COSEC presents an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Access Control solution. It is designed to meet access control needs of any organization irrespective of its size, locations, layouts, and timings. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti-Passback, 2-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, Guard Tour, Man-Trap and Smart Card based Identification ensures Fool-proof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.


Palm Vein Door Controller

COSEC DOOR PVR is a highly secure and contactless biometric device that reads the internal vascular pattern of the palm. These patterns are unique to each individual and exist underneath the skin layer, which cannot be forged thereby making it most secure compared to other biometric technology. To give accurate result, COSEC DOOR PVR uses fujitsu biometric palm vein scanner to provide utmost security and hygiene. This makes COSEC DOOR PVR more secure in comparison to other biometric devices. Being contactless and technologically advanced, it is appropriate for places like hospitals, chemical industries, nuclear stations, factories, corporate houses, R&D centres, financial institutes and many others where security and hygiene are of utmost importance.

Hence, with this unique palm vein recognition system, COSEC DOOR PVR is capable of storing up to 20,000 user templates and has up to 1,00,000 events storage capacity. It proves to be extremely secured for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications with false acceptance ratio less than 0.00008%.

1. Contactless Technology
2. Higher Capacity to Manage Users and Events
3. Faster Access and Higher Security
4. Multiple Connectivity Options for Communicating with Server
5. Choose Credentials as per Requirement
6. Multiple Interfaces for Different Types of Applications
7. User Friendly Design


Fingerprint Door Controller

COSEC fingerprint door controllers are the front-end terminals that people use during entry and exit. Door controllers read user’s fingerprint to log each entry/exit and control door locking. Door controllers are connected with the COSEC CENTRA server or site controller. They store all user access information and send entry-exit details to the COSEC CENTRA server in real-time.

VEGA Series
VEGA Series Door Controllers are engineered with careful blend of aesthetic, size, connectivity, reliability and ease of use for modern enterprises.

DOOR Series
Winner of the coveted iF award for its superior design, DOOR Series Controllers are versatile devices designed for reliability, modularity and performance.

PATH Series
Compact, robust and cost-effective PATH Series Door Controllers blend in with any modern building architecture and design. These devices assure reliable and long-term performance as sentries at the building gates and doors for Access Control application.

Multispectral Fingerprint Door Controller

In the fast-paced evolution of technology, organizations have started adapting the biometric application systems for access control and time-attendance. This technology has enabled organizations to enhance security within their premises and organized the process of time-attendance and access control. Compared to the traditional biometric readers scanning a single layer of skin, multispectral biometric attendance system employs multi-layered reading. Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX is a high-performance door controller with multispectral sensor technology. It reads both - the surface and the subsurface of a finger producing more accurate image even when the finger surface features are difficult to read due to dirt, usage, age or tough environmental conditions. Powered by a high-speed processor and fingerprint detection algorithm, DOOR FMX is specifically engineered for high security applications including Defense, Airports, R&D Labs, Banks and Industries such as Mining, Construction and Heavy Manufacturing for their access control and time-attendance needs. COSEC DOOR FMX offers significantly lesser False Acceptance Ratio (FAR) and False Rejection Ration (FRR) making it ideal for both - high-security and harsh industrial applications. This unique identification process outperforms all other fingerprint sensors and offers robust and reliable biometric information of the user. DOOR FMX is a perfectly tailored product with 4.3" touch screen display and multiple connectivity options in a compact and elegant design. This makes it ideal for any Time-Attendance System and Access Control applications. Based on powerful processor, DOOR FMX supports 500,000 events storage and 50,000 users in its memory, making it ideal even for large organizations with heavy and continuous flow of people. With intuitive user interface TFT LCD display, DOOR FMX supports all time-attendance, access control and enrollment functions. It is simple to install and operate with multiple connectivity options and wall mounting. When used with COSEC, DOOR FMX can work various applications such as Access Control, Job Processing and Costing, Time-Attendance, Contract Workers Management, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Vehicle Access Management and others.

1. Superior Design which Enhances the Look of your Premises
2. Better Capacity
3. Select Credential as per Requirement
4. Multiple Connectivity Options
5. Convenient Operation and Installation
6. Various Interfaces to Control Various Applications
7. Saves Time by Quick Fingerprint Identification
8. Perform functions faster from the Device itself
9. Perform Applications using APIs

RFID Door Controller

COSEC PATH DCCX is a series of compact front-end terminal device to record and control entries and exits through proximity and smart cards. Built with advanced features like IP65, PoE and compact design, it fulfills the time-attendance and access control requirements of organizations. It is a modular, scalable and feature-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control device.

1. Superior Design
2. Better Capacity to Manage Multiple Users and Events
3. Multiple Card Support
4. Convenient Communication Options
5. Perform Applications using APIs
6. User Friendly Operation and Installation

Two-Door Controller

COSEC ARC DC100P is an intelligent, compact IP panel with PoE for a single or double door. COSEC ARC dramatically simplifies access deployment. COSEC ARC works in two different operational modes – in Standalone Mode with COSEC SIGMA or in a Centralized Mode with COSEC application server. The state-of-the-art COSEC ARC can control two readers on Wiegand or RS-485, two door locks and other auxiliary devices, making it an ideal solution for any access control installation.

1. Compact Design
2. Modular Architecture
3. Easy Integration

Application Software

Matrix COSEC CENTRA is an enterprise-grade, web enabled application server, which controls and manages the entire system from anywhere in the world, at any time. COSEC CENTRA is the heart of the entire COSEC solution and acts as a bridge between applications and the devices.
Matrix COSEC CENTRA is available in four variants, targeted at different business segments. These PLATFORMs come with basic Time-Attendance and Access Control features and its modular nature allows a user to add other application modules depending on the organizational requirements. Its scalability option allows users to expand the system from 100 users to 1 million users.
1. Web based Application Software
2. Real-time Monitoring of Devices
3. User Profile Creation
4. Enrolment
5. Device Configuration
6. Basic Time-Attendance and Access Control
7. Export and Import Data
8. Seamless Integration
9. Automatic Fingerprint Distribution
10. Auto Device Identification
11. Modular and Scalable Architecture
12. Easy Backup and Restore

Mobile Application

Matrix COSEC APTA is a comprehensive, mobile based employee portal, allowing COSEC users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can easily access their time-attendance information and perform related tasks remotely, reducing significant amount of time they spend on such issues. Matrix COSEC APTA’s intuitive interface allow employees to view their attendance and shift schedule, check their leave details, apply for leave or tour and update personal/job related information. Additionally, the reporting officer can approve or reject leave and tour applications, authorize attendance and plan work schedules of his/her subordinates.

1. Attendance Marking
2. Access Control
3. View Attendance and Leave Details
4. Attendance Correction
5. Leave and Attendance Authorization Request
6. Approve Leave and Attendance
7. Add/Edit Personal Details


Matrix offers different COSEC accessories for enhancing features and performance of the COSEC solution. This includes card modules, enrollment stations and battery backup.

COSEC ENROLL is a desktop based enrolment station to enrol palm and fingerprints. COSEC ENROLL, along with the enrolment software, allows HR to enrol new employees in a simple manner.

COSEC Battery Backup
COSEC power supply with battery backup is used for supplying power to the Door Controller.

COSEC Card Personality Module (COSEC CPM)
COSEC CPMs are pluggable Card Reader Modules inserted in the COSEC DOOR and VEGA series controllers. Eight different card reader modules are available to support both Proximity and Smart Cards.