Avaya Distributor in Dubai

As a main Avaya Distributor in Dubai, we have the arrangements that is ideal for your business correspondence. Avaya PBX systems and Avaya Phones provide perfect communication set up for an office.  Introducing a strong PABX framework is a standout amongst the most proficient and practical approaches to oversee business interchanges. Media transmission innovation has advanced extensively since the season of wired communication. The PABX or Private Automated Branch Exchange frameworks have turned out to be a standout amongst the best choices for organizations with regards to dealing with a wide range of business interchanges. With the corporate world staying up to date with consistently cutting edge innovation, there is dependably the requirement for good PABX framework Installers in UAE. Avaya is a world leader in office communication products.

Advantages for Avaya systems:

  • Enhancing business productivity
  • Reduce the communication costs
  • Rich user experience
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Simply communication with single system
  • Improve business relationships
  • Affordable solutions

Avaya Products

  • Unified Communications
  • Customer Experience & Contact Center
  • Devices & Phones
  • Cloud

Avaya Video and Conferencing

Avaya CU-360 Collaboration Unit 
AVAYA DUBAI busted that barrier with a cost-effective video room device that provides convenient, visual sharing for training, brainstorming sessions, meetings, and more. Just grab a room, plug into our CU-360, and start working via video on any laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Avaya Telephone systems

Avaya IP Telephone systems
Avaya has the portfolio of wide range of business IP phones and conferencing systems that has been designed for your business. With the IP based systems the office can ensure the privacy in the office communications. Since staff members are provided with a single number, doesn’t matter where they are, customers can reach them easily. The range of systems include the business phones and communication systems including the conference phones, desktop phones and the wireless phones. With the Avaya telephone system you can improvise the operations and transform the way you communicates.

We deal in IP Phones from Avaya & Grandstream as a Distributor in Dubai. Grandstream SIP phones are compatible with all major brands that supports SIP phones.

We provide specialized Avaya support Dubai solutions for clients, helping enhance collaboration, boost efficiency, foster growth, and improve customer service and competitiveness.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office – Beyond office phones, create seamless engagement experience for customers and employees regardless of their locations, devices, or apps.The phone is the lifeblood of small business, so our IP Office Platform™ supports phone basics but also delivers powerful communications typically found in big business.

The Avaya IP Office PABX System is designed specifically for businesses of between 4 to 1000 users and delivers the same communication capabilities of large enterprises. This solution unifies communications, providing employees with a solution that allows them to handle all their business communication on the device of their choice: laptop, mobile device, office or home phone – using wired, wireless or broadband connections.The New Avaya IP Office Version 10 Packed with more advanced features such as webrtc and workforce optimization.

Avaya Conference Phones

Manage conference room calls with simple, productivity enhancing phone features. Avaya B100 Series Conference Phones, available in a range of models and prices, offer stylish and sophisticated phones for any size conference room. With Avaya’s patented OmniSound™ technology, these phones make every group meeting sound great.

1100 series IP Desk Phones

This series of phones are suitable for every area of your business. It has been designed to enhance the productivity of all users. Some of the features include that it provide tight integration to the Avaya platforms, cut costs and protect your environment, upsurge output by providing access to information and multimedia. It consists of the 1120E IP desk phone and 1140E IP Desk phone.

1200 series IP Desk Phones

This series of phones designed in focus to the development of mid market business team communications. It features integrated speakerphones and finest audio technology for the crystal clear communication. A multitude of business needs are possible and are easy to customize for the users. It comes with stylish design and enhanced functionality, increased productivity and reduce the management costs. It includes the models 1210 IP Desk phone, 1220 IP and phone, 1230 IP phone.

1400 series IP Desk Phones

This series of phones have been designed to grow with your communication needs. These are very suitable for a broader range of business purposes. It features an enhanced audio features and other productivity features. All these Avaya phones Work with Avaya Aura and IP Office package. The other features include it provide an elegant interface and is capable of satisfying the most discerning users with the clear audio. It includes the models 1403 Digital Desk phone, 1408 Digital Desk phone, and 1416 Digital Desk phone.

1600 series IP Desk Phones

For businesses with basic communications needs, this 1600 Series IP Desk phones are a perfect choice that delivers rich features at an attractive price. They are perfect for branch offices, and call center solutions, and can be deployed alongside other Avaya phones, ensuring that every employee has exactly the functionality needed.

9600 series IP Desk phones

This line of IP Desk phones delivers exceptional audio quality, low power requirements, customizable options, and high performance. These come with the feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touchscreens, that extends increased call control while simplifying the traditional desktop telephone experience. It include the models 9601 SIP Desk phone, 9608G Desk phone, 9611G IP Desk phone and 9641GS IP Desk phone.

9500 Series Digital Desk phones

It covers the most advanced features with customizable options with high output. The quality of sound is exceptional and highly reliable. Avaya 9500 Series are the best choice for business if they want to choose Digital Phones.These phones are coming with clear Display and several business-friendly features built in Side.

9400 Series Digital Desk phones

Enhances your employees more productive with the full set of communications features. It has beautifully designed interface and quality sound deliverance. It includes the models 9408 Digital Desk phone and 9404 Digital Desk phones. This series redefine communications and support staff productivity with the advanced features and functions. These series are an incredibly cost-effective solution for the mixed digital and IP telephony environments.


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