The Avaya IP Office IP 500 V2 (otherwise called IPO IP500 V2 Control Unit, IP Office IP 500 v2, IPO IP500 v2, IP 500 V2, IP500 V2, IPO 500v2 System Unit Assembly or IP Office 500 v2) is the latest control unit for Avaya IP Office Phone Systems, and has upset correspondence inside organizations. Before Avaya IP500 V2 happened, there was IP500 V1. Despite the fact that IP500 V1 had an enormous impact in the manner that organizations convey, IP500 V2 has affected a much greater change. With complete coordinated effort, the IP500 is a consolidated voice and information interchanges framework with PBX, VoIP and SIP support.

Avaya IP Office is Avaya’s essential product offering and is a correspondences arrangement that tends to the correspondence challenges inside private companies. It coordinates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and and synchronizes with contacts and schedules from work areas, prompting more noteworthy effectiveness. The IP 500 V2 is a control unit for the Avaya IP Office programming stage and offers IM and Presence support, and Federated Presence with GoogleTalk.

The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Control Unit was discharged with IP Office Release 6.0 (R6.0) which included coordination with Avaya Aura® and a straightforward movement from PARTNER® Advanced Communications System to IP Office. IP Office 500V2 can furthermore bolster later discharges as far as possible up to the latest Avaya IP Office Upgrade: Avaya IP Office 9.1. R9.1 isn’t bolstered on the IP500 (rendition 1) Control Unit, so as to have the most refreshed form of Avaya IP Office, the equipment utilized must be IP500 V2.

IP500 V2 supports IP Office R6.0 and higher as well as several tiers of editions:
  • IP Office Basic Edition
  • IP Office Essential Edition
  • IP Office Preferred Edition
  • IP Office Advanced Edition
Avaya IP Office 500 V2 can function as either a traditional phone system or an IP telephony server, and supports single locations and multi-site networks. Avaya IP Office is a unified communications system that connects companies with customers and partners leading to seamless communication. Avaya IP Office Training is also available, so that businesses can take full advance of their Avaya phone systems.


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